Choose Who Can Assign Behaviors & Consequences

Enable Teachers and/or Staff and/or Student Leaders to monitor and assign Behaviors or Consequences within Minga. Minga Owners and Managers can assign Behaviors by default.

Permission Level: Owner | District Manager

Step by Step:

  1. Login to Minga from your computer
  2. Go to the Behaviors from the main navigation
  3. Click Settings tab
  4. Toggle on Teachers Can Assign Behaviors and/or Staff Can Assign Behaviors and/or Student Leaders Can Assign Behaviors
  5. Toggle on Enable Consequences and/or Teachers Can Assign Consequences and/or Staff Can Assign Consequences 
  6. Done! Settings are saved automatically

When this is enabled, those Roles will be able to view Behavior Tools from within Teacher Tools to send PraiseGuidance or a Consequence to a student or group of students.

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 4.03.28 PM

To add/remove the ability for an individual staff member or teacher to assign a certain behavior:

Step by Step:

  1. Click on the specific behavior in the behaviors tab
  2. Click the edit pencil. 
  3. Toggle on Limit who can assign this behavior manually 
  4. Select the Restriction
  5. Click Add
  6. Search for the teacher(s), select and click Add

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 4.03.54 PM