How to Use Challenges

You can create unique challenges to encourage your Minga community to engage with one another and create meaningful conversations. Encourage your students to use their voice with a written challenge or get creative with a visual one.

Permission Level: Owner | Manager | Teacher | Staff

Creating a Challenge 

1. Start by selecting Add Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 9.35.07 AMon the left hand side of your Home Feed on your desktop or AddScreen Shot 2022-09-20 at 9.35.07 AMon the bottom left of your mobile app and choose Challenge
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2. You will be directed to the Challenge feature to select 'Create Your First Challenge' and choose between a visual or written challenge. As you start posting Challenges you will be able to access your Challenge history here. 
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3. Once you have decided which Challenge you wish to create, enter in the description, choose how many Spirit Points that it'll be worth, upload a custom photo or select one of our available stock photos and include a due date. The due date is the day that you will be able to receive responses till, after it has passed members will no longer be able to participate in the challenge. 
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4. Further customize your Challenge by selecting a color theme, determine your advanced publish settings and which roles are allowed to participate. Toggle the Pin this post feature on to keep your challenge at the top of your Home Feed. 
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Responding to a Challenge 

Permission Level: Everyone (unless selected otherwise) 
1. If you wish to participate in a challenge begin by selecting 'Let's Do It!' on the post. After you click into the Challenge the full details will be available as well as the amount of points that it is worth. 
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2. Depending on the type of Challenge you can upload a photo with a description or include your written response and hit preview.
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3. After you have reviewed your response save it to the challenge and claim your Spirit Points. 
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Swipe through to see how others responded by clicking the arrows to navigate left or right.

Approve or Decline Challenge Responses

If you have checked off Responses require approval when creating a Challenge you can approve or decline the entries by following these steps:

1. Click on Add

2. Select Challenges

3. Under Your Challenges Click on desired ChallengeScreen Shot 2023-05-23 at 1.18.05 PM

4. Choose Approve or Decline

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Check out our Minga Challenges Library on our Resource Page for Challenge ideas that you can run in your Minga today!