Creating a Test Student in Minga

Create a test student in Minga for practicing assigning hall passes and testing your module settings from a student view.

Creating a Test Student

Create a test student in Minga so that your other students are not affected by hall passes created for demos in your school! 

Step by Step:

  1. Navigate to the Manage People tab in People Manager
  2. Click "Add Person"
  3. Input name (A generic name such as Test Student)
  4. Input email (A generic email such as your original email + test for example This way you will still get notifications to your original email address if needed. 
  5. Select "Student" for the role and a Grade/ID Number. 
  6. Click Save 
Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 4.26.17 PM

You will now sign into Minga using "Login with username and password" at with the credentials above to see a student view. 

Add Your Contact Details to Parent Details for the Test Student

Add Your contact information to the parent contact options when creating or editing a test student in order to test your school's parent notifications set up in Minga. 

Step by Step:

  1. Add your email address to Parent Email Address
  2. Add your phone number to Parent Phone Number 
  3. Toggle on "Send behavior notification to parent"
  4. Click Save 
    Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 4.27.01 PM