Creating & Cloning FlexTime Periods

How to create flex periods to enable teachers and staff to host flex activities.

Managing flex periods in High School can often feel like a daunting task, with no easy method for admins, teachers, and students to allocate and sign up for specific activities. Plus, tracking attendance and reporting can be tiresome, involving endless spreadsheets and repeated efforts.

Minga FlexTime streamlines your flex period management with an intuitive, user-friendly platform. Our centralized dashboard gives you a clear snapshot of all flex periods, including activities, sign-ups, attendees, and absentees - all in one place.

Creating your FlexTime Periods

FlexTime periods are the dates and time frames when your school hosts flex periods. These periods are blocks of time in which you and your staff can add flex activities. 



Determine when and how often your school's FlexTime periods will occur and create in Minga.

To Create Your FlexTime Schedule:

Step by Step: 
  1. Go to FlexTime Manager > Periods
  2. Click Create Period
  3. Input Title, Date and Time
  4. Decide if Teachers/Staff 'Can Add Activities' to that period and toggle on accordingly.
  5. Determine if Teachers/Staff 'Can Make Student Changes' to students registered for FlexTimes.
  6. Toggling off 'Students Can Register' disables students' ability to register for available activities during that Flex Period. Therefore, they will have to be assigned or registered by staff to an activity to attend.


Cloning FlexTime Periods

While you are building out your FlexTime schedule, you will likely want to clone your periods to duplicate the sessions to following weeks. 


*Note*: Cloning a FlexTime period will include all activities that have already been added to that period.  If you wish to create a standard schedule of activities that repeats every week, first build out one period and add all the activities. Then Clone the period. 

If you are choosing to assign and register students to activities and would like this to also repeat each period, ensure you do this prior to cloning the period. Enable 'Clone registered students' and 'Clone assigned students' to include these students in the cloned period. 

To Clone a Flex Period:

Step by Step: 
  1. Go to FlexTime Manager > Periods
  2. Click "Clone" next to the Period you are wanting to duplicate
  3. Edit Title, Date and Time if necessary
  4. Decide if you want to clone registered and assigned students and toggle on/off accordingly