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  3. Adding, Updating and Archiving People in Minga

Deleting (Archiving) Users from Minga

This is for deleting (archiving) users in your Minga. This can be done at the end of the school year for all of your students who are leaving as well as individual students who may leave throughout the year.

Permission Level | Owner, Manager
We ARCHIVE users which means they are removed from the Minga - Archiving users cannot be undone, however the data from the user is still stored in case it needs to be accessed again in the future. This is a requirement of many state and federal student data laws. Requests for this data can be made to support@minga.io. 
A user must be Archived from their current Minga before they can be added to a new one. This is important for students or teachers who have switched schools.

Archiving Members

  1. Log in to app.minga.io
  2. Go to People Manager
  3. Click Archive
  4. Search for member by Name, Group, Role or Grade
  5. OR Drag and drop an Excel or CSV file
  6. Select the member(s) by clicking the checkboxes or clicking the checkbox next to Name to select all
  7. Click Archive
  8. Choose Confirm
Video Tutorial: