Digital ID Introduction Email Template - Student Edition

Permission Level: Owner | Manager | Teacher | Staff
It is important to introduce Minga's Digital IDs to your students on campus in a proactive and fun way so that they know how to access theirs and can find the value in no longer worrying about their physical copy! 
Here is a sample student introduction email template. Please feel free to use and change this as you see fit.


Hello everyone,

I’m very excited to tell you we are launching a brand new Digital Student ID Platform in the next few days. I’m inviting you to check it out now a few days before our official launch.

This is the future of ID Cards and has many benefits over plastic, physical cards:


  • Access it at any time with the Minga App on your smartphone.
  • We can instantly change stickers and badges on the ID for different uses.
  • ID cards can be integrated into other systems like event tickets or activities.
  • You never have to worry about forgetting or losing your ID card.


See the instructions below to check it out today and stay tuned for more information in the next few days on our official launch.


Thank you,


<sign off>

Your Digital ID is ready for pickup.

  1. Download the Minga App for iOS or Android.

  2. Sign in with Google or Microsoft (use your <school domain> email address)
  3. Click Student ID at the bottom right of the App.