Digital ID Introduction Email Template - Teacher Edition

Permission Level: Owner | Manager | Teacher | Staff
It is important to introduce Minga's Digital IDs to the staff, administrators and teachers at your school in a proactive way so they understand the value and are prepared for simple questions from students and colleagues.
Here is a sample staff introduction email template. Please feel free to use and change this as you see fit. It is recommended to send this from one of your administrative or teacher Minga champions as it is likely to solicit questions.


To all of our amazing staff at <school name>,


This year we are introducing Digital IDs to our school through the Minga platform. Digital ID’s function the same as our old hard copy IDs with a few extra handy features. Some of these benefits include: 

  • No printing at registration 

  • No bulky scanners

  • Easy event check in 

  • Easy sticker/validation system

  • Antifraud

  • No more lost cards

  • ID authentication ready before registration day 

Read the Teacher's Guide to Minga Digital ID Cards here. 

To access your Digital ID:

  1. Go to the Apple AppStore or GooglePlay and download the Minga App - or access Minga at in your browser

  2. Sign in with your school email single sign on. 

    1. Choose Sign in with Google or Sign in with Microsoft (depending on your school)
  3. You’re all set!


At the end of the day, our intention is to create a more connected and aware school community with a positive culture. We're sure you have lots of questions and we'll be hosting a training session for our staff soon. In the meantime, you will see an invite in your email inbox inviting you to join our private school Minga. We encourage you to log in and check out Minga. Minga will also be hosting regular online training sessions you are all welcome to join by registering at