Generating Behavior Reports and Behavior Dashboard

Use Reports to see who is receiving Behaviors, Points & Consequences and how many.

Permission Level: Owner | Manager | Teacher | Staff

Behavior Dashboard

This simple and intuitive live dashboard will give you a daily at-a-glance view of all behaviors and consequences that have been assigned. This can help you decide if you need to do a deeper dive in Reports for a more detailed and larger overview of certain students, behaviors or consequences.


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Behavior Reports

Get detailed reporting of all Behaviors, Points and Consequences using the Reports tab in the Behavior Manager. If you need to know how many points were rewarded to someone over the last month or how many and what type of Behaviors were being assigned for a time frame, the Reports feature is where to look!

Step by Step:

  1. Navigate to the Reports tab within Behavior Manager
  2. View the total number of Behaviors given and the breakdown of Praise and Guidance in the Behavior Summary reports for Top StudentsTop Staff and Top Behaviors reports
  3. Adjust filter to search by date range, First & Last NameID Number, Lists, Email, Grade or Behavior Type

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Identify Top Behaviors, Points & Consequences

Use Reports to identify who is receiving Behaviors, Points & Consequences over time. 

Step by Step:

  1. Navigate to the Reports tab within Behavior Manager
  2. View the Behavior Summary report in Behavior Reports to see which students are receiving the most Praise and Guidance Behaviors
  3. Click the View Summary Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 9.38.43 AM icon next to the student to see a breakdown of who granted their Behaviors (Top Staff) and which Behaviors they received (Top Behaviors).
  4. Click the History Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 9.38.51 AM icon to view all previous Behaviors granted for the student
  5. Adjust desire date range and Report, search by First & Last NameID Number, Lists, EmailGrade and filter by Behavior Type

These steps can be used with all Behavior, Points & Consequence Reports listed in the Report drop down.

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First & Last Name

Archive or Rectify a Behavior History Record 

Correct mistakes or remove inaccurately assigned items, to increase the accuracy of student reporting. 

  1. Go to Behavior History report and select a behavior and click Apply Filters
    Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 2.23.47 PM
  2. Click the edit pencil next to the behavior record to change the behavior or rectify date and/or time 
    Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 2.23.20 PM
  3. Click the archive symbol to 'delete' the behavior record 

*Please Note* Deleting or changing a behavior record does not remove any automatically assigned consequences for a student as a result of the assigned behavior. That consequence record will also have to be changed/archived in the Consequence History record.