How to Join a Group

Permission: Owner | Manager | Teacher | Staff | Student Leader | Student | Parent
Groups in Minga is an awesome feature that allows you to connect and communicate with your class, team or club. Share posts, pictures, events, files, polls and announcements with this selected bunch of people.  

Video Walkthrough

Joining a group

1. Find your group
To Start first navigate to the Groups section of your Minga on the left hand side of your desktop or at the bottom main feed of the mobile app.
You'll be sent to the My Groups section of the Groups page which will most likely be empty. To find a group, navigate to All Groups on the right. Here you will see all of the groups you can join both private and public.
2. Join your group
By clicking the Join button you will immediately be added to the selected group. If the group has a Request to Join button that means it is invite only and you will have to wait for the group owner to accept your request to join.