Managing Posting Permissions

Permission Level: Owner
As an Owner, you have complete control over who can add content to your Minga. These settings can be managed under Posting Preferences on the Settings > Settings page.
 Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 2.02.25 PM
These settings dictate which roles can post content to your Main Feed. No matter which settings are selected, everyone will still be able to comment and like posts.
The Owner and Manager roles will always be able to post to the Main Feed. The other roles you allow to post depends on the type of activity you want in your Minga. If you want to use your Minga as a broadcast platform with only important information on the Main Feed, then restrict posting to just the Owner and Manager roles. 
If you want your Minga to be a lively hub for your entire community, with lots of individual contributions to the Main Feed, then allow every role to post! 
Posting permissions can be changed at any time.
For an in-depth look at managing posting permissions, check out the video below!