Parents Logging In for the First Time

We recommend that parents join Minga to keep up to date with school events and communication on a read-only basis so the app remains a student first communication and engagement platform.
When you invite parents to join Minga you can do so by inviting them from the People Manager. They will receive an email with a secure PIN to log into your Minga. 

Instructions for parents to log in with their PIN and Email Address.

Step 1

Check your email for your invitation. 
You should receive an automatic email from with the subject line Welcome to Minga! inviting you to your Minga. 
Can't find it? Check your SPAM or PROMOTIONS folder. Still can't find it? Send us a note and we'll help you out. The email looks like this:

Step 2

Log in. You can download the app to your mobile device or access your Minga from any browser (desktop, tablet, Chromebook, mobile). Just enter into your browser URL box.
To download from the Apple Appstore or Google PlayStore, simply search for Minga.
If you're not accessing Minga from the app, you can simply click the "Get Started" button in your invitation email and be taken straight to your new Minga to confirm your email and create a password!

Step 3 

Now you are at Minga's front door, having either entered your PIN in the app or by clicking the "Get Started" button in your welcome email. Simply enter your email address (on the first screen) and password (on the second screen). 
Upon successful login, you will automatically be directed to your Minga.