Requiring Teacher Approval on Student Created Hall Passes

This article shows how to approve student created hall passes that requires teacher approval.

How Minga Hall Passes Work in the Classroom

Here is a simple workflow for uninterrupted classes:

  1. Ask Permission - Student asks the teacher's permission to go to the bathroom or for a drink of water. (This represents 90-95% of typical hall pass usage)
  2. Approval - Teacher responds with "yes, go ahead and create your Hall Pass" or "no" and the process is over.
  3. Create Pass - Student creates their hall pass on their mobile device or school issued device (Chromebook) and shows it to the teacher. 
  4. Use Pass - Student can depart without their device. Staff can monitor the hall passes through the Hall Pass Dashboard. 

However, some hall passes will be set up to require Teacher Approval after being created by the student. 

When a hall pass is created by a student that requires teacher approval a pop up such as the one below will appear:


You can then Approve or Deny the hall pass request as needed. *Please note* You will have a time limit for approving the requested hall pass which will be set by your school's administrators. 

You can also approve requested student created hall passes as needed in the Hall Pass Dashboard under "My passes" 

Simply click the "Approve" button to make the hall pass active for the student. 

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 4.29.53 PM