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Setting up SFTP for Rostering

Setup Minga to receive roster file updates automatically uploaded through SFTP by your Student Information System.

Permission Level: Owner | District Manager

What is SFTP?

Secure File Transfer Protocol is a safe and secure method to transfer files over the Internet. SFTP uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to encrypt data when it is being sent and meets standards and best practices requirements for Student Data Privacy.

Setup Steps

1. Open up the People Manager in Minga

2. Select the Rostering tab at the bottom of the People Manager

3. Select SFTP from the Rostering Method drop down box

4. Configure the Settings:

  • Enable Automatic Rostering
  • Enable Roster students: This will automatically add new students to Minga.
  • Enable Roster teachers / staff / admin: Enable any or all of these to automatically add new teachers, staff or admin to Minga.
  • Choose if you would like to Auto update students, teachers, staff or admin - This will automatically update during SIS sync if there are any changes.
  • Choose if you would like to Archive students, teachers staff or admin - This will archive users if they don't appear in the data returned from the SIS.

Please note*: Minga recommends having the Auto update and Archive settings toggled off at first until you have verified your rostering is syncing correctly in your Minga. Then toggle them on accordingly to ensure up-to-date rostering.  

Screenshot 2023-12-21 at 10.40.17 AM

Get notified of Roster Sync Results

Owners can set up an email notification with all of the information from the daily roster sync. This will allow technical owners to get assurance that the sync is working or to troubleshoot immediately if any issues are detected.

Screen Shot 2023-09-11 at 4.38.12 PM

5. Click Save

6. Use the SFTP Details that are provided in your Minga upon clicking save to configure your Student Information System or other Rostering Server to send the rostering files to Minga.

Please see example below: 

Please ensure the Host and Port is exactly as follows with no extra characters: 

For US customers the SFTP Host is: sftp-us.minga.io

For Canadian/International customers the SFTP Host is: ftp-ca.minga.io

The Port is: 2022

*Please note* If you are a district setting up multiple schools in your district you will have to generate separate credentials for each School in Minga. 

File Format

Uploaded files must be one of the following formats:

  • Comma Separated Value (CSV)
  • Tab Separated Value (TSV)
  • Microsoft Excel Format (XLSX)

If you want to automatically archive unregistered students from your Minga then you must upload the student roster in a stand alone file that includes 'students' in the filename (example: LincolnHighSchool_students_mar23_2023.csv). If you select Archive for the Missing Users setting, any students not included in that file will be archived from Minga daily. 

SFTP headers / supported fields:

first name
last name
Required for all
id number or student number or student id
Required for students
student phone

Role field is not recommended for the student file. 

Role field is used to identify who is an Owner, Manager, Teacher or Staff role in Minga. If a role field is included here and UPDATE is selected in Rostering settings, this field will overwrite any changes made to the role manually in Minga. 


We recommend setting up your SIS to auto send the files to Minga once per day each evening. Minga will then immediately update the rostering data sent automatically.