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Uploading ID Photos to Minga

Downloading your photos from your photo portal and uploading them to Minga.


Permission Level: Owner | Manager | District Manager

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Downloading your photos

When you download your ID photos from your photo portal or your school's storage drive, the easiest method of uploading to Minga is to ensure every file is named the ID number of that individual. 

Your photo file names should match the ID numbers exactly with no extra text (see below example) - this is what enables Minga to automatically match the photo to the right person. Your photos can be PNG or JPG files.

Lifetouch customers

If you have a Lifetouch portal which stores all of your school photos click here for a detailed guide on downloading your photos


Prepare to upload - UNZIP your photos!

Once you have downloaded your photos, you may find they are in a zipped folder. If your photos are in a compressed/zipped folder that looks like this, we first need to unzip the file. 

On Microsoft

  • To unzip a single file or folder, open the zipped folder, then drag the file or folder from the zipped folder to a new location.
  • To unzip all the contents of the zipped folder, press and hold (or right-click) the folder, select Extract All, and then follow the instructions.

On Mac

  • Double click on the zipped file 

Now your photos folder is unzipped we can upload your photos to Minga.

Uploading your photos to Minga - Option 2

If you have successfully downloaded your photos with file names that match your ID numbers, you can upload using Option 2 - this is the quickest way!

If your photos have different file names to your student ID numbers, scroll down to instructions for Option 1


Video Tutorial:


Step by Step: 

  1. Uploading your ID photos to Minga is easy with the ID Manager. Simply go to app.minga.io on your desktop and log in with your school email single sign on 
  2. Navigate to ID Manager in the menu on the right hand side of your page and click on Photos tab
  3. Click on Upload Photos and assign them to your student list within Minga automatically by file name box under Option 2

  4. Now select all your photos and hit Open

It's that easy! Minga has automatically matched all your photos to the correct students using their student ID numbers.

You can go back to the Dashboard tab to check on your new IDs with photos!


Errors in the upload

If there were any errors in your data you will receive an error message like this. Click Download All Errors to see an excel file which will tell you what errors occurred. 

If no matching person has been found in Minga this means you need to double check that your ID numbers in Minga and your file names match and try again when you have found the error. 


Uploading photos with Option 1.

My photo file names don't match my student numbers! 

That's okay! Minga uses student numbers to identify users within the app. So if your student photo file names look something like the below, and include more than just the student ID number, you will simply need to upload a student file that will tell Minga which file name matches which student number.

Prepare your student file

The student file you upload only needs to contain the student ID number and the associated file name. It is not a problem if it also contains other data. Save this file as an Excel or CSV file. 

  1. Go to app.minga.io on your desktop and log in with your school email single sign on 
  2. Navigate to ID Manager in the menu on the right hand side of your page and click on Upload Photos

  3. Click on "First Upload Student File" box under Option 1. Here you will upload your Excel or CSV File which contains your student numbers and file names

  4. If your data contains headers such as 'ID Number' and 'File Name' check the box for First Row Contains Headers

  5. Now select the correct headers from the drop down options. This data must include both Student Number and File Name

  6. Click Import List

  7. Click Then Upload Photos
  8. Click into your photos folder and select all your photos and hit open


You have now uploaded all of your photos and you can head back to Dashboard to check individual IDs by clicking the below icon on the user's record.