Uploading your block schedule to Minga with the Daily Bulletin

Daily bulletins appear at the top of your Minga feed, this is a great place for a short message such as the daily block schedule

Permission Level:  Owner
Daily Bulletins allow Owners to upload a small message daily to their Mingas to be displayed at the top of the home feed. This feature is often used for daily block schedules, making it easy for Students to check the day's block order themselves!
First, prepare an Excel or CSV file with the following headers:
  • Date: Add the date for your message as month/day/year. You do not have to add every day of the year, only the days on which you'd like the message to appear.
  • Prefix: If you'd like to provide a special label to the day, add it here. For example you could label a day as a holiday. Otherwise you can leave it blank.
  • Message: Enter your message order here.

With your file ready, navigate to the Daily Bulletin page on the right.
There you will upload your prepared Excel or CSV file. Once uploaded you will be able to review your uploaded file before submitting.
Need to make a change to your Daily Bulletin? Just make the change in your Excel or CSV file and re-upload it to your Minga!
District School Groups
Permission Level:  Owner, Manager and Group Owner
Daily Bulletins show up a little differently for Minga's that are set up as Districts. To add a Daily Bulletin first navigate to the Group page for your School and click the Add to Group button and from there you can click the Daily Bulletin button.  
Your Daily Bulletin will show up on the Home Feed for every member of your School. Daily Bulletins for each School in your District only show up for members of that particular School.
Note: If you are a member of more than one school, you won't see any Daily Bulletins in your District.