Using the Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery is the hub for your Minga's photos. It gives your community the perfect place to share everything from successful events to personal projects. You decide who is allowed to post to your Photo Gallery!

Permission Level: Owner | Manager
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Photo Gallery Preferences

You can enable or disable the Photo Gallery on the Minga Settings page.
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Turning the Photo Gallery off means that none of your users will be able to see or access it. Don't worry if your Photo Gallery contains images before you turn it off, they will still be there when you decide to turn it back on!
Turning the Photo Gallery on will allow users in your Minga to upload photos to the Photo Gallery. You decide which roles are allowed to upload to the Photo Gallery. The below screenshot is for a Minga School, if you are in MingaConference, you will see the Attendee role. Owners and Managers are always allowed to post to the Photo Gallery.
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Accessing the Photo Gallery
There are two ways you or your user's can access your Minga's Photo Gallery:
  1. There is a link to the Photo Gallery in the menu on the right. This link can be accessed from anywhere in your Minga   
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  2. At the top of your Minga's Main Feed, there is a Photo Gallery menu-bar. This menu displays the most recent photos uploaded to your Minga. Clicking on the photos will take you directly to the Photo Gallery page
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Adding Photos to the Photo Gallery
There are three ways that you or your user's can add a photo to the Photo Gallery:
  1. At the top-right of the Photo Gallery page, there is an Add Photo button
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  2. In your Minga's Add menu, there is an option for Photo to Gallery
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  3. At the top of your Minga's Main Feed, there is a Photo Gallery menu-bar. Clicking the Add to Gallery button on the left will allow you to upload a photo
Let's take a look at the upload screen:
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  1. Click the Upload photo here box to select a photo from your computer, or just drag a photo directly into the box. You can upload multiple images at once!
  2. The description field allows you to give your image a short description that will appear when users click on your photos
  3. Start typing the name of a person and it will automatically appear in a drop-down list for you to select. Users you tag here will receive a notification that they've been tagged in your photo
  4. Start typing the name of a group and it will automatically appear in a drop-down list for you to select
  5. The Tag an Event field is similar to the field above it, except here you can directly tag events from your Minga

Viewing and Deleting Photos

Clicking a photo in the Photo Gallery will expand it for viewing, as seen in the screenshot below.
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  1. To delete a photo, click on the trashcan Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 4.13.26 PM in the top right. As an Owner or Manager, you are able to delete any photo in the gallery. Other roles are only able to delete photos they themselves have uploaded
  2. Swipe on the photo or click an arrow to navigate to the next image in the gallery
  3. The description and tags are at the bottom of the photo

Filtering Photos

You can filter the Photo Gallery using an image's tags. There are two ways to do this.
  1. While viewing an image, click on one of its tags. This will provide you with a filtered gallery of all the photos that contain the same tag
  2. At the top of the Photo Gallery page is a Search bar. Searching a tag will filter the gallery and display only the photos that contain that tag