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Which Barcode Scanners Will Scan Digital ID Cards?

What is a 2D scanner and why is my laser scanner not working?

In Minga you can scan IDs for many reasons... checking in for events, giving out hall passes or points, scanning in tardies and more. You can use mobile device cameras very well for this purpose, or if you choose to you can use barcode readers. 

Use 2D Optical scanners to scan barcodes from mobile or computer screens.

A 2D scanner uses an optical photo sensor to read barcodes or their more advanced cousin, QR Codes. To make it simple, 2D scanners use a small camera to "take a photo" of the Bar or QR Code and then convert the lines or dots in characters.

Why is my 1D Laser scanner is not working?

A 1D scanner bounces a laser off of a barcode and measures the reflection of the laser with a small sensor. 1D scanners will not work because a phone or computer screen is often too reflective and bounces back too much light, confusing the sensor and giving inconsistent or reliable results, or sometimes no result.

How much are 2D scanners?

You can purchase 2D scanners easily from places like Amazon for approximately $40 USD. More expensive models (costing hundreds of dollars) are also available but are usually only required for places where heavy duty equipment is needed like warehouses or manufacturing facilities.

Which scanners should we buy?

Depending on where you want to use them, a desktop scanner can be very helpful if you have students arriving at one place for check in/out. Handheld scanners connected by bluetooth are very helpful if you have people scanning in at events or in classrooms. 

We have tested a few models that we like, but you are not limited to these;