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Adding a Single User to Your Minga

Permission Level: Owner | Manager
This is for adding a single user. To add multiple users, go here.
Minga is an invite-only platform and members needed to be added by an Owner or Manager before they can access the Minga. When a user is added, Minga sends an invite to that person's email address that will allow them to log in for the first time using our single sign-on

Video Tutorial:


To add a user

  1. Log into app.minga.io
  2. Go to People Manager
  3. Click Add Person
  4. Fill out personal information
  5. Select Grade & Role
  6. Check Send invite email'**

    **Only if the person can receive emails from outside sources - otherwise you should notify internally that their account is ready and they should download Minga. 
In order to add a user, gather the following required and optional information for that person:
  • First name (required)
  • Last name (required)
  • Email Address (required)
  • Role (required) - This is the role of the user. For more information check out Minga Roles and Permissions.
  • Student ID (recommended) - The member's student ID number. This will be shown on the user profile and for future features.
  • Grade (recommended) - This is the grade of the new user.
  • Birthdate (optional) - If their birthdate is added, the user will be included in birthday greetings in your Minga on their birthday. 
  • Display Name (optional) - This is the name that will show up in Minga for the user. By default for Students and Parents it is first name + last name (e.g. John Denver) and for Owners, Managers, and Teachers it is, first initial + last name (e.g. J Denver).