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Adding Spirit Teams

Permission Level: Owner | Manager
Ignite school spirit on campus but creating Spirit Teams to promote involvement and create healthy competition in your school community. 

Add Spirit Teams

1. Select Team Manager from the menu on the right hand side of your desktop or click into the menu at the top right on your mobile app. 
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2. Add a team name and logo by clicking the camera icon and uploading a photo. 
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3. The Team Manager will default to 4 teams, simply select "Add A Team" if you wish to add more. 

Adding/ Removing Team Members 

1. While in the Team Manager choose add or remove in the team you wish to modify 
2. If you wish to add/remove an individual member type their name, email or student ID number in the search field.
If you wish to add multiple users to your team, upload a .xlsx spreadsheet or comma separated value (.CSV) file similar to the way that you Add Multiple New Members to Your Minga From a List and hit search. 
You can also filter your audience and add team members based on their grade or role within your Minga, which makes is easy to reach your targeted audience. 
3. Once the individual(s) have been selected hit save