Creating Unlimited or Unrestricted Hall Passes for Students with Additional Needs

How to support students with 504 or IEP requirements to provide unlimited and unrestricted access to resources like a health center or bathroom.

Some students require unrestricted and unlimited access to resources on campus for certain reasons and Minga supports this functionality by allowing you to create a custom pass Type that can ignore limits and time restrictions but is only available to a certain student, or group of students.

Go here for step by step details on Creating Custom Hall Pass Types.

When creating the custom Hall Pass Type, make sure to enable Student CreatedIgnore Blackouts and Ignore Limits.



This means the pass will not be restricted by pass limits or blackout schedules and will be issued to the student regardless of the time of day or how many passes they have had that day. 

Now limit the students that have access to the pass by limiting the Hall Pass to certain students and then updating the list of those students appropriately.