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Printing Physical Copies of Minga ID Cards

Minga Digital ID Cards can be printed straight to your printer, for quick and easy access to physical copies.

If you require printed ID Cards at your school for examinations or students who do not have access to a personal or school device, you can print an ID directly from Minga.

Minga Owners & Managers Printing ID Cards

Video Tutorial:

To print ID cards for your staff and students you can print directly from the Minga ID Manager to either a regular printer, or a specific plastic card printer. 

Print to paper or card and laminate for temporary cards, or print directly to a plastic card printer for a permanent card.

  1. Go to app.minga.io in your web browser
  2. Go to ID Manager 
  3. Click View ID for the user you want to print an ID for
  4. Click Print in the bottom right hand corner
  5. The ID preview will open in the print dialogue box
  6. Select your printer
  7. Click Print
  8. Done!

To gather a list of all of the IDs that need printing - click the Print ID status next to each user and then click the Print ID box at the top of the page to see a list of all users who need an ID printed. 


Students Printing ID Cards

Students can print their own ID card onto paper if they need a physical copy for examinations or any other reason.

To print a student ID, the student should:

  1. Log into app.minga.io in the web browser
  2. Go to Student Tools
  3. Click on View Your ID
  4. Right click on ID then select Print 
  5. Choose printer and click Print

Please note - Digital ID stickers will not print out onto physical ID cards


Printing Troubleshooting - For Plastic Card Printer

If your IDs are printing without the barcode or they look misaligned and not fitting correctly

Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 12.12.10 PM

Please try the following:

Video Tutorial:

Step by Step:

  1. While in the Print dialogue box - click on More/Advanced Settings
  2. Make sure the Margins Field is set to "None"
  3. Click Print

If the barcode still isn't showing then it is likely being pushed off by the address. We recommend going into your Minga profile and changing the address to city and zip code only. This should make space on the physical card for the barcode to show correctly!

Please note - When printing onto to paper, you will want the margins set to "Default"