Creating Hall Pass Types that Require Teacher Approval

You can set certain Hall Pass Types to require teacher approval before they are activated.

Permission Level: Owner | Manager

Create Teacher Approved Hall Pass Type

When turning on this setting, it will send an alert to the teacher and they will have the ability to approve or deny the student created pass.

This workflow is typically used for instances such as a Counselor being requested a hall pass and them approving it for the student if they are free.

To Create a Hall Pass Type that Requires Teacher Approval:

Step by Step:

  1. Go to Hall Pass from the main menu and Click the Types tab
  2. Create Type or Select Edit Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 11.42.18 AM then toggle on Student Created and Teacher must approve pass, adjust desired settings and hit Save
  3. Done!

Screenshot 2024-06-05 at 3.32.03 PM


Approve or Deny Hall Pass

When a student creates a Hall Pass that requires teacher approval, the teacher will receive a pop-up message where they can approve or deny the requested pass.

This request will remain until the Hall pass request timeout duration is up.