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  3. Adding, Updating and Archiving People in Minga

Resetting Minga for a New Year

Reset all group members, Points & Leaderboard and Automation counters ready for the new year.

Permission Level: Owner


Reset points, groups and content

You can easily reset your Minga, ready for a new school year. Simply go to Minga Manager > Settings > Minga Resets. This cannot be undone once reset.

  • Points and Leaderboard - Reset Points and Leaderboard to wipe all users points and rankings
  • Groups and Members - Reset Groups and Members to delete all Groups and their content, and to remove their Members 
  • Group Members Only - Remove all Group Members except it's Owner(s)
  • Content - Remove all content from all feeds
  • Automation Counters - Reset counters for all Automations

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Set up Automatic Rostering

We strongly recommend setting up Automatic Rostering so your departing students will be archived and incoming students added automatically!

Update your Students & Staff Manually

If you are unable to set up Automatic Rostering you can complete this process manually if necessary.