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Automatically Synchronizing Student and Staff Rosters with Minga

Sync your student data with OneRoster API or by SFTP

Permission Level: Owner | District Manager

OneRoster API

Step 1:

Minga currently supports OneRoster API with the below Student Information Systems, click on the name of your SIS below and follow the instructions on the required setup within your system. 

When your SIS setup is complete you will be provided with the API roster information (e.g. URL, Client ID, Client Secret, School ID, Access Token, App Name).

Step 2:

Can Minga support your SIS with OneRoster API?

If you believe your SIS can sync roster data by OneRoster API and is not listed above. Please contact us to discuss. 

Currently we cannot support the below Student Information Systems with OneRoster API, please use SFTP instead.

  • Powerschool 
  • Skyward


If Minga does not support your SIS by OneRoster (above) you can instead choose to set up automated rostering by SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).

SFTP is a safe and secure method to transfer files over the Internet. SFTP uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to encrypt data when it is being sent and meets standards and best practices requirements for Student Data Privacy.

Step 1: