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Setting up OneRoster API with Aeries SIS

Follow this guide to setup Aeries and Minga to automatically synchronize student roster data with the OneRoster API.

Permission Level: Owner | District Manager

Introduction to IMS OneRoster v1.1 API

Minga can automatically pull student and staff roster data from Aeries using OneRoster, a standard for securely exchanging data between education platforms. For more information on the IMS OneRoster Standard please refer to the IMS Website here.

Aeries OneRoster API Setup

You must first setup Aeries to allow Minga to connect to Aeries and access the roster information for staff and students. Setting up the Aeries OneRoster API is simple but does require Administrator access. More information is available on the Aeries Support Site here.

Step 1.

Add an entry for Minga on the API Security page in the Security node in the Aeries Administrator Console.

Use Minga for the Product Name and ensure to select OneRoster as the type.
Further Instructions can be found in the API Security article


Step 2.

After an entry for Minga has been created, continue to work in the Security | API Security page. First, select Minga. You will see Product Information listed as shown below.



The OneRoster URL can be changed by accessing School Options at the District level.



Minga only pulls student and staff roster data. However, you need to enable READ Permissions for Student Data, Schools, Terms, Teacher Data, Master Schedule, Course Data, and Classes for the OneRoster to Aeries integration to work. 

API Permissions-1

Step 3.

Select Change on the API Security form then ensure the OneRoster check box is checked to enable Minga to access the OneRoster API. After checking the box, click the Update button.

Step 4.

After updating, check the box labeled Display Consumer ID & Secret Keys for OneRoster.



Make note of the Consumer ID and Consumer Secret Key that display. The core security of the OneRoster API is different from that of the regular Aeries API. For OneRoster, we will NOT use the Aeries Certificate, but will use the Consumer ID and Secret Key instead.


Step 5.

Find the School ID.  This is the Aeries ID number for the school you are rostering.  This will be the number next to the school in your drop down menu for your district. For this example the High School's School ID would be "5". 

Screenshot 2023-11-23 at 4.10.10 PM

Step 6: Full IIS Reset

Any changes to your OneRoster Settings require a full IIS reset for the change to take effect. Resetting IIS will terminate sessions of all users who are currently logged in. It is recommended to reset IIS after working hours. 

Step 7: Input details into Minga

  1. Log into app.minga.io (must be signed in as an Owner or District Manager)
  2. Go to People Manager then the Rostering tab
  3. Select OneRoster API and Aeries from the drop down menus 
  4. Input required fields:
    • Aeries URL: This is the base URL for your Aeries Web application.  The website needs to be publicly accessible from outside your local network, it MUST be secured with a digital certificate (HTTPS), it MUST include a sub directory (https://demo.aeries.net/aeries/), and the server MUST support TLS 1.2. If you are uncertain of the base URL, simply browse to your Aeries login page, then copy everything before the last slash (“/”) in the browser’s address bar
    • Consumer ID: The string of letters and numbers, exactly as displayed on the API Security page. The vendor may also refer to this as the “Client ID”
    • Consumer Secret Key: The string of letters and numbers, exactly as displayed on the API Security page. The vendor may also refer to this as the “Client Secret”
    • School ID: This is the Aeries School ID to ensure Minga requests the appropriate roster in the event that multiple schools share the same SIS

Screenshot 2023-04-06 at 4.18.21 PM

Typically a representative from your IT Department can provide the required information as seen in the form above to connect to your SIS. Once you've completed the form use Test Your Information to ensure Minga is able to connect to your SIS and exchange information.

Sync Settings in Minga

You can enable student, teacher, staff and admin rostering separately as well as include Primary Parent Contact Info depending on what data you want to synchronize in Minga. 


Screenshot 2023-12-21 at 12.00.29 PM


Minga can automatically update information for existing users (for example if a student's name was changed in the SIS then their name would be automatically updated in Minga). By default Minga will Skip users that are already setup in Minga. To automatically update their information toggle on Auto update.

Minga can also automatically Archive (delete) users that are no longer included in the rostering data (for example when a student leaves the school and is removed from the Student Information System). To automatically remove students and staff that are no longer part of the school roster, toggle on Archive.

Please note*: Minga recommends having the Auto update and Archive settings toggled off at first until you have verified your rostering is syncing correctly in your Minga. Then toggle them on accordingly to ensure up-to-date rostering.  

Get notified of Roster Sync Results

Owners can set up an email notification with all of the information from the daily roster sync. This will allow technical owners to get assurance that the sync is working or to troubleshoot immediately if any issues are detected.


Screen Shot 2023-09-11 at 4.38.12 PM

Roster Email

Enable Automatic Rostering

Once you have completed configuration, Enable Automatic Rostering and then press Save. Rostering will now start automatically every evening.


Screenshot 2023-04-06 at 4.24.53 PM