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Setting up OneRoster with ClassLink for Rostering

Instructions on setting up rostering with ClassLink

Permission Level: Owner | District Manager


For more information on working with ClassLink, please refer to the ClassLink Help Site Article here.

Adding Minga as a Roster Server Application

Click the Apps tab, then click + ADD.

Add app two-step process

Toggle on Show Development Apps, search for Minga, then click the + Add button for the app(s) you want to add.

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Roster Server Application Permissions

With your app(s) added, it's time to define vendor permissions. Permissions specify how much access the vendor can have to your data for app account provisioning. Select Full Permissions, or alternatively you can select Rule Based Permissions if you are comfortable with setting ClassLink permissions. 

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Notifying Minga

After you've added the Roster Server application and set the app's permissions in your console, notify Minga at support@minga.io and we will locate the required information in the ClassLink Partner Portal to finish setting up automatic rostering in your school's Minga. 

Update Minga Sync Settings 

Once your Minga Customer Experience Manager has confirmed automatic rostering is set up and you have verified student and teacher/staff rostering is syncing correctly in your Minga, it is time to update your Sync Settings. 

Log into Minga at app.minga.io, go the People Manager and click on the Rostering tab.

You can enable student, teacher, staff and admin rostering separately as well as include Primary Parent Contact Info depending on what data you want to synchronize in Minga. 

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Minga can automatically update information for existing users (for example if a student's name was changed in the SIS then their name would be automatically updated in Minga). By default Minga will Skip users that are already setup in Minga. To automatically update their information toggle on Auto update.

Minga can also automatically Archive (delete) users that are no longer included in the rostering data (for example when a student leaves the school and is removed from the Student Information System). To automatically remove students and staff that are no longer part of the school roster, toggle on Archive.

Please note*: Minga recommends having the Auto update and Archive settings toggled off at first until you have verified your rostering is syncing correctly in your Minga. Then toggle them on accordingly to ensure up-to-date rostering.