Monitoring Off Campus Lunch Check Ins and Absentees

Monitor who left campus and isn't back yet. i.e. Off Campus Lunch. The Check In Reason can monitor absentees based on the Check out Reason so you know exactly who checked out and has not checked back in yet.

Permission Level: Owner | Manager


The Check In Module can monitor absentees in several different ways using Roles, Stickers, Groups, Grades and Reasons. Here is an example using the Off Campus Lunch Reason to monitor absentees to see who has left campus and who isn't back yet:

First you will want to setup your Check In Reason to check against a Check Out Reason:


Video Tutorial:


Step by Step:

  1. Click Check In Manager
  2. Select Reasons tab
  3. Hit Create Reason
  4. Choose Reason Name (Off Campus Lunch), Color & desired Icon
  5. Add Points if you'd like
  6. Pick Reasons & choose Off Campus Lunch from drop down menu - Only those who check into Off Campus Lunch will count towards the absentee list.
  7. Decide if you want to Auto Assign Behavior and/or Auto Assign Hall Pass
  8. Check off Track Absentees to view the number of users who have not Checked In/Checked Out on the Dashboard
  9. Toggle on Apply No Access Filter if you wish to prevent users on the No Access List from checking in
  10. Hit Create and make it ACTIVE
  11. Done!

If you will also be checking people out, you will need to create a separate Check Out Reason by following the same steps.


Once this has been setup you can simply use the Check In Tool to check students in and out and view the list of Absentees by going to the Check In Manager Dashboard.