Updating Your User Profile

Updating your user profile and changing your password.

Permission Level: All 
Your profile is how you are represented in your Minga. Click on your name and profile picture in the top right of your page. The three dots in the top right corner give you the ability to edit your profile. 
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Here are a few things you can do to jazz it up a bit.

All Roles

Profile Picture: Cannot be edited. 
Background: Click "Change Photo" on the background to upload your own background image and personalize your page.
Email Address: Click into the box to change your email address.
Password: Click "change password". You'll be prompted to enter your current password and then choose a new one.
Birthday: If you would like Minga to recognize your birthday with a Happy Birthday Card in your Minga, select your birthday using the calendar.
Don't want birthday wishes? Simply remove the date from this field. (PS - we never share your age)

Role Restricted

Some Roles are also able to edit their First name, Last name, Role, Student ID or Grad Year.
If your Minga Role restricts you from being able to make any necessary changes, please contact your Minga Administrator and they will be able to make those updates.
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