Creating flex activities and adding them to periods

Teachers who are enabled to add activities to periods can create their own activity templates and specify attendance restrictions.

Minga FlexTime streamlines your school's Flex period management with an intuitive, user-friendly platform. 

Conveniently create your own FlexTime activities and add them to the FlexTime periods set up by your school. 

It's a breeze to assign compulsory activities to students or allow them to choose. Plus, FlexTime activities can be adjusted to limit the number of seats available and to cater to specific user identifiers.

View all upcoming Flex Periods

To see all upcoming available Flex Periods, go to Teacher Tools > FlexTime Dashboard. 
From this page you can view all other activities that have been added to the periods already, by clicking the green 'All Activities' button. 
To add your own activity, click 'Add My Activity'.
If you do not yet have any activity templates created, you will need to go to the Activity Templates page to create yours. 

Create your Activity Templates

If you are creating your own FlexTime activities, go to the FlexTime Manager and click on Activity Templates tab. You can create as many activity templates as you need.

  • Click 'Create Activity'
  • Input the activity name, description, activity type, location and seats available.
  • Restrict who can register if you want to restrict attendance by role, stickers, groups, grades, or by a specific list of selected people.
  • Toggle on 'Allow Students to Register' to students to self-register for that activity.


Add your Activity to a period

  • Click on the 'Periods' tab and set the date range for the period you are looking for. 
  • Click Add My Activity
  • Select the Activity
  • Click Assign
You can choose add different activities to each upcoming period. To view all other activities added to the period, click the green button with the arrow 

Next Steps

Registering & Assigning Students to Flex Activities

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