Jan 14, 2024 (6.16) - Updates to Behavior & Consequence Automations, New User Lists & Scheduled Reports & Improvements to FlexTime, Reporting & SIS Auto Sync

In this release, we made some significant improvements to our reporting and our behavior module along with brand new features.

Release date - January 14, 2024

1. Improvements to Automated Consequences

We’ve made significant improvements to the automation framework in our Behavior and Rewards module to help you better manage tardies and other progressive consequence policies. New features include:

  • Automation groups that allow you to group together automations into one policy to manage as a whole

  • Schedule automatic resets in advance

  • Repeat automations

  • New automation reporting



2. Expanded Automatic Rostering Functionality

We’ve added the ability to set rostering setting by role and individuals as well as rostering Admin and Staff roles.

You are now also able to stop an individual being included in the nightly sync. This will stop that individual from being updated or archived in the sync. Ideal for occasions in which individuals want to use a different name in Minga than is listed in your SIS or when you add people to Minga who are not listed in your SIS.




3. Reporting Updates

All of our reports have a new look and added functionality including:

  • More sortable columns

  • Ability to customize the columns in your view

  • Less scrolling

  • Ability to schedule daily or weekly delivery of reports via email or SFTP


4. Create User Lists

You can now create and filter by user lists (without having to use groups). In the People Manager, you can create a new list manually or upload a .csv, and choose who can manage the list and if you’d like to make the list accessible for others to use. Once your list is active, you can access it in the people selector to easily bring up a specific list of students.




5. FlexTime Usability Improvements

There are some new improvements to FlexTime to enhance usability including:

  • Adding search functionality by Title to the Activity Template page

  • The ability to choose different days on the FlexTime Dashboard



If you have any questions regarding the above improvements, please email us at support@minga.io!